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9th May 2021

OHTA On-Line Course Delivery

Oh the Irony

1st Jan 2021

Let's save the planet whilst exploding tonnes of pollutants into the atmosphere.

Asbestos - Fighting Climate Change

9th Oct 2020

Asbestos - Drawing down and locking-up atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

Covid and Climate Crisis - Fire Drill Fridays

15th Sep 2020

There is no compromising with Science

Teratogens - Prevention is better than cure

21st Aug 2020

Potential new WHWB-UK Campaign

Decorative Coatings - Am I missing Something?

6th Jul 2020

What constitutes Large Scale works.

COVID-19 and Underlying Health Conditions

16th Apr 2020

Why being immunosuppressed is equating to bad prognosis

Covid- 19 - Why 2m Social Distancing?

11th Apr 2020

One of the consideration relevant to fighting the virus on a National scale.

How do we risk assess in a changing environment?

7th Apr 2020

The tri-factors in risk assessing, particularly dynamic risk assessing

Mission : Possible - People vs Covid-19

24th Mar 2020

Our mission and we have no choice than to except it!

Still finding new ACMs after all these years

23rd Mar 2020

After 30 years of asbestos surveying, I thought that not much could surprise me.

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