Asbestos Awareness

It is a requirement of the Control of Asbestos Regulation (CAR) 2012 for all employees who may in the course of their duties disturb ACM and those who supervise such employees must have training. The awareness training must be at a level sutable to the potential risk posed by the employees actions.

Asbestos in Soil and Made Ground

It is widely accepted that the Environmental regulatory guidance has lagged behind the Health and Safety. A Code of Practice CAR-SOILTM was prepared by the Joint Industry Working Group (Asbestos in Soil JIWG) and published in July 2016. The document provides interpretation and guidance to all involved in the management of asbestos in both soils and construction and demolition arisings. JWIG are working on a further document, Asbestos in Soil and Construction & Demolition Materials – Practitioners’ Guide: Industry Code of Practice (CoP) has commenced. Progress on the document will be dependant on funding but is expected to be ready for public consumption next year.


Our Surveyors are fully qualified to undertake Asbestos Surveys in accordance with HSG 264, either Management Surveys designed to ensure that employees are provided with a safe place of work, in their usual day to day activities, or Refurbishment Demolition (R&D) Surveys. R&D surveys typically undertaken on vacant premises in conjunction with a design specification with the desired purpose of eliminating delays to any project.

Project Management

Once Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) have been identified, there are many variables which have a bearing on removal and remedial actions. With full knowledge of all available options and many contacts within the industry, we are well placed to independently manage the full removal process ensuring that the Client is getting value for money from both the contractor and analytical company. Many of the litigation cases going through the legal process are weakened through not assessing competencies of suppliers, we will strengthen the audit trail with documented assessments. For assistance please contact us, link below.

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